Application Note for QuNect ODBC for QuickBase

12175 WinHTTPSendRequest A security error occurred

This means your Windows operating system has not been configured for TLS 1.2. You do not need to upgrade QuNect ODBC for QuickBase to achieve compatibility with TLS 1.2.

Windows operating systems support two HTTP stacks called WinINet and WinHTTP. QuNect ODBC for QuickBase uses the WinHTTP stack because it is often called upon to run within a service. WinINet is exclusively for desktop applications like Internet Explorer. So although your desktop applications like browsers work with TLS 1.2, that doesn't mean that your WinHTTP stack is configured to work with TLS 1.2. To configure your Windows operating system's WinHTTP stack for  TLS 1.2, run Windows Update and make sure all updates have been installed. Then click on the blue Download button on this page and run the downloaded installer.